Monday, July 21, 2014

The Challenge of taking care older dog

As we have many dogs of our own preparing our self to our own furr getting older is one of the reason why I accepted this new guest.
Accepting an older dog or older cats for pet sitting or boarding would be a good experience .
A new customer e-mailed me and ask me to look after her 15 ½ years  older male poodle.
Normally I don’t  say yes until I see with my two eyes what I am getting into.
So we made an appointment to see and know each other especially the poodle name Fluffy.

I can see he is still very good shape at his age, a typical poodle whose cheerful and sweet in their own personality. Poodles are known for their sweet mild and playful character I think that’s the reason why most of the poodle boards in the house get accepted with my own packs.
I talk to my husband and told him the story about Fluffy he said are you sure of what are you doing?
 If something happened to him then you can’t handle to accept that in your soul and then the parent of the dog, how would you explain to them?
I thought about it of course I was super scared but I think it would be sad not to accept Fluffy to be part of myfurryplace even is his few years or months life.
II would be happy to be part of fluff’s happy life.
I would be very happy to do it even he would be a challenge for me.
It will also be a good opportunity to look after older dogs and see how they are at this very challenging part of their life.
So I said yes to Fluffy’s parents, after all they are very nice people!
Talking to them and being a dog lover  myself help me connect to each parent and understand their situation.
I am very confident I can do the job! Even this will challenge my ability my knowledge and energy I don’t see any hindrance in there really.
It is not only the money, but to be part of older dogs life give me satisfaction that I have cared such soul. The very first night, I see that Fluffy is rather vulnerable and delicate. I have departed myself of our sleeping arrangement with my own pack. That means sorry babies Mum furry will not be sleeping with you all in the same room tonight. But I am only next door.
I have laid a mattress in the floor in my office and I aligned Fluffys bed next to me.

 So I see what’s happening with him during the night. I don’t want to miss anything.
I have noted very well in my head what his Mum told me from food to drink to his medicine.
His mums also prepared rather well organize stuff for him before coming to the house.
He’s medicine has been cut well prepared!
On the 4rt day I noticed that fluffy has been sneezing and coughing. I was so worried to death oh No! Bring him to the vet and the vet explained that Fluffy start having fluid in his lungs.
I wanted to burst in tears. This poor little boy will endure this somehow. So he got a shot and another pill to drains those fluids. When I start giving the medicine ofcouse fluffy always want to sleep and seems tired. But when you call him for a walk he would get up right away. 
He loves to be being surrounded by same fur he has. It makes me happy to see him feeling happy and excited !

I have to always watch him if he oversleep of is he is still breathing. All nerve racking situation.

There are few things that to keep in mind about taking care older dogs 

Keep a routine time of their medicine, exercise as walking, limit the time according to his capacity and endurance. I do it for ten to fifteen minutes. With the humidity and considering the temperature in the environment you live in.
The time of playing and walking should be always set to same time.
His activity and inter actions with other furriers as well has to be monitored, not that he is too much hyper integrating with them. Especially if the fur is having difficulties of breathing.
Always filled in fresh water in his bowl if possible 3- 6 x a day.
His diet has to be monitored accordingly.
Always engage in activity that the dog truly enjoyed. Let him sleep longer  he is an older dogs he goes to sleep early but also wake up early , and after that the fur want to rest again.
Always be gentle to the fur needs and regular visit to the vet is a must to the older dogs.
Patience play a big rule to this stage, they will have accidentally urinate and poop everywhere.
Always clean their ears and fur, although older dogs tend to refuse to bath. But rubbing them with natural scent wet tissues help a lot.
Always be loving and understanding to them. They have no difference with human being children that need loads of love and attention. After all you’re the only one they get. The rest are extra and bonus to them.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Chicken jelly with carrot for cat

Oh hello Blog!

It’s been nearly weeks I haven’t update my blog! Sorry folks I could not get my head and my heart to blog .
I could not find time to relax and get  inspiration. Myfurryplace is super full I am not complaining I am very happy furr keep us busy.

Recently I spend some of my time reinventing new menu to all my fur and exploring their appetite.
My new discovery was the chicken jelly for the cat.
Last 2 weeks ago our 2 little kittens my husband rescue from his work place 5 weeks ago have wet poop after coming from the vet I guess it was the dewormed effect to them. 
But it seems lasted 1 week and they refuse to eat what used to be their regular food. 
Steamed  fish, chicken and cats can goods. 
The dry food is always available to all of them.
When they refuse to eat, I was horrified they might die! Oh no! Not my husband rescued kittens.
I went to the town and check what is available in the supermarket and 1 found only 2 pouches or what is said red snapper and chicken in rice with jelly. Its sound yummy already.
It looks like these pouch are just flying in the shelves ! 
So I grab the last remaining packet and head back home I then re-heat the pouch and gave it to them.
Wow they love it!!!! its works like magic , oh I was so crazy happy they eat !!!! 
In the evening I open another one which they said chicken and rice in jelly I open that as well for dinner and all of these pouch works like magic. I think its something with the smell that so enticing  to the appetite of the cats or they just get bored or same old boring stuff what Mum furry always give.
Yesterday I open the whole pouch and put in white bowl I scrutinized what is inside this pouch it looks like chicken, in there, carrot, and surely they said powder .maybe its flour. 
Whats what the label said. They do not of course elaborate which powder but I am 100% sure its flour. 
I also taste it and find which part the cat makes crazy about this food.?
Then I head on to my computer and consult Mr. Google and you always have many recipe to choose with.
So I choose the one which all are available in my fridge.Plus i twist a little bit with the brown rice and little bit of pumpkin.

Chicken cat jelly
3 cup of Chicken broth 
Flour 1/4 Carrots diced into small cubes
 3/4 Minced meat (cooked) Pieces of fish (Cooked) – optional (I use chicken)
3 tbs cooked brown rice
4 table spoon of bread crumbs
2 spoon of pumpkin

I cooked 2 portions for evening and breakfast. 
Most of my ingredients actually are all in my fridge ready I just scoop cooked rice in the rice cooker which as well ready and cooked every afternoon. Same thing with the pumpkin as my doggies have this as well in their diet.
I always have plenty of stock for chicken broth as I boiled always breast chicken for the cat.
chicken soup

I choose the bread scrumps and potato flour I sipped it first and thrown into pot to have that little brown look and I twist a little bit of brown rice and little bit of pumpkin.

brown rice


flour and bread crumbs

effect. I put it aside and let it cool. The broth is already cold since its coming from the fridge.
I then mixed all together in the pot in a very high heat and to make sure it is thick and creamy mixture.
And then add on the chicken and carrots. I have in the food processor .
chicken meat

Once cooked  I let it cool and make it into 2 portions. I keep half in the fridge to serve in the morning and to see that jelly effect.
cooking in the pot

my finish product

I serve the half with side sardines from the cat. Oh my gosh! My cats love it!! And Peppy is asking for more. 
Peppy loves it !!

I have never seen her increased with her appetite and knowing she is so picky with what she eats.
Our little Friday seems could not get enough with that new menu! 
Friday enjoying her meal

Magelang still looking for Friday,s bowl if something  to clean.

Tuktuk eating his share

So now I know they love this chicken jelly. The next time I want to explore is fish and some rice and pumpkin .maybe they love that as well.
With all the furry in my care. It is very important for me that I serve good nutritious food and not being wasted since they don’t like to eat or becoming bored or same thing every day.
I will always continue and explore a new healthy recipe for them.
What I learned always from shifting into new diet and new menu is . 
You need to do it in a very small portion first to determine the digestion of your furries . 
How they react into new diet.
My cats always have steamed of boil chicken so i only twist a little bit and only a little portion first.
Its works for my fur ... 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Advantages of Quality Dog Boarding

When you're traveling, you want to make sure that your dog is able to stay in comfort. 
Making the boarding process as stress-free as possible helps ensure that you can enjoy your trip without worrying about your dog's well being. Whenever possible, you probably want to use a boarding facility that takes a limited number of dogs for more personalized attention.

The best dog kennel camrose options offer boarding for dogs of all sizes and breeds. Puppies and smaller dogs can benefit from in-home services, when available, to help make the adjustment easier. Large dogs, including dogs that generally live outdoors, can benefit from bigger spaces that are customized for their needs.

Long term boarding camrose is a better option when dogs' owners will be on vacation longer. Dogs that are able to go on longer walks do better than dogs that are confined to brief leash trips that are typical of animal hospital boarding. Regular play times are also important and help the dogs cope with their owners being away much more easily.

Quality kennels go above and beyond to ensure that their customers are always happy. One of the most stressful parts of taking a trip can be getting the dogs to their kennel on time and rushing to pick them up on return. When kennels provide drop-off and pick-up service, this makes everything much easier on everyone.

Another type of service that kennels can provide is parking at the facility. This is a more economical alternative to airport parking. You can easily take a taxi from the kennel to the airport and back, with your vehicle being safe.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Visiting kids from ISPP

The summer holiday for school just started and the house is very busy with all the fur parents left for us to look after while their parents goes back home for much needed holiday perhaps to bond with their families . 
I always said that in Cambodia actually have many holidays to enjoy 26 days a year or more? Not including the school holidays.
What else can you ask for? Are there any other countries who offer such holiday?
When the monk chanting I always think what is today ?must be special day in the pagoda and maybe its holiday?
Summer holidays are also the time when schools do some little activities.
One of them is from ISPP – International School of Phnom penh.
This is rather a late post but it’s worth to share I hope.
The kids come in small group and only one of the kids in the group was super afraid of animals.

I feel so sad for her. I really wish that one day she learns to accept inside her heart that those animals are not there to hurt her but instead to learn the different love what animals can offer to human being.
Normally dogs and cats love young children they love to play with them. This little girl was super frightened of anything that maybe moves as consider animals.
My chicken of course was so happy to see many kids feeding them with shredded carrots, cucumber, pumpkin and corn. It was a treat to all of them!
My guineas were also very happy that they got to see new faces except with Vanna who gave them grass everyday and us giving them food and me if I take them out of their cages and let them run and play around in the ground with the rabbits and chickens.
It’s also the time were they get their dose of exercise.

After the back yard farm petting, we continue inside our house, I let the pet my little cats, I think they enjoy that as well. 2 of them are natural born animal lover specially Sienna who is practically loves cats and can tell many stories back from her country.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Pet Daycare: What To Expect From The Best

People love their pets because dogs, cats, and other companions are members of the family. Career, travel, or personal circumstances may require some pet owners to find a pet daycare center. Leaving the pet at home alone is often a risky choice because he or she may need frequent walks, such as larger dog breeds, in order to pass waste. Boredom can result if the pet is left alone without companionship. Damage to furnishings, continuous barking, or other issues can result. 

Pet owners also know that accidents can happen. If a pet is left at home alone, he or she may be injured in any number of scenarios. An emergency, such as a fire, could start from inside or outside of the residence. For these reasons, and many others, pet daycare is a sensible solution to taking care of one’s beloved friend on a temporary or daily basis. Take a look at more reasons to include pet daycare:

Luxury Dog Boarding
Not all dog boarding facilities are a like take a look. Pampered pets get luxurious accommodations in upscale pet daycare Some offer the discriminating pet guest four daily potty breaks; premium bedding; daily housekeeper visits (and room service!); two delicious meals; climate control (not too hot, not too cold); and gentle background music. Paw Print Inn, a Michigan-based pet daycare, is an example of a pet daycare that offers luxury dog boarding services.

Most pet owners miss their pets when work or travel separates them. Some of the most exclusive pet daycare centers offer owners the option of webcam access in these cases.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Dance with the the furr !

Its our job to make sure that any fur who is board with us should be engage in stimulating activities.
One of them is to make sure that all of them get plenty of exercise to stimulate their brains.
Syrel is very good always to do things which drive all the fur crazy but as well as they enjoyed being part of the activities. Even participating into story telling. I guess to manage that all of the Furies get interested to this activity is to gave them reward.
So we  make sure we always reward them of what they got accomplish  during this activities.
The reason is meaningful and very rewarding for us, when the Furies are happy and enjoyed during their stay.
It shows with all the photo

                                                                     Syrel dancing with Wally

                                                                      Syrel hind and seek with Wally

                                                                Syrel story telling with the goldens
                                                          Syrel showing the anzac how to get mango

Friday, May 9, 2014

Simba the English Pitbull

House sitting an English pit bull Simba is really fun!
My niece and I actually seen Simba in the village where they walk him around Syrel said... Tita we have not housed sit this kind of breed. She moves slowly, I said maybe he is old.
Then one day from word of mouth I got e-mail from her mother that their going for holiday and that they like to check in Simba with us.
When she e-mailed me the picture I know this is the same dog we have seen last time in the road.
My niece were excited when I told her we might house sit an English Bull. She said in our own language!
Talaga!! Meaning really!!! We are all both excited of course.
He must be the oldest dog we ever house sit. The vet claimed that it’s only 2 of this breed in Cambodia.
Surprisingly Simba is actually very sweet! He has developed an eye sight issue. This is due to old age.

Happy Simba

                                                                 Simba with his egyptian walk
His parents actually drop Simba with an all his gadgets.
His bed his toys, his food ,medicine for his eyes and, vitamins.  When I see these I said whoa! You bring your entire whole house!!! Loll! Just kidding.
                                                                  Simba and his food and meds
                                                                simba and his small pup toy
I thought of my. This must be a lot of problem his parents said that Simba actually hardly acquainted with other dogs. SO I was thinking this must be a challenge to handle this dog if he is not social at all.
At the very beginning I was afraid and hesitant to get him acquainted with the other dogs.
But it’s a pity that he will explore the garden just by himself. With his mellow temper actually it should not be a problem. Knowing that he is never been with other dogs as often as he can.
                                                                            Simba and Wally
                                                                        Simba and Sheba

                                                                      Simba and Wally

                                                              Simba and friends
This very normal that he is excited and she is hyper at the very beginning. Which all are very normal.
I watch him very carefully when the first time we want them to be integrated.
He has done a very good job as well as the other dog help him get calm.
There’s of course other dog that he really likes but sometimes with his hyper character they all get them excited and when that happened the energy sparks and that the time that we need to get them apart.
Simba will be very good with the dogs that it’s not soo much hyper  and should be calm. If they are both hyper then they will sparks and that we don’t need. We don’t want accident.
But over all Simba was been very good. When he discovers that it’s actually fun to be outdoor and with other dogs, He starts banging the door and insists that he want to be part of that crowd.
So we did as he likes we gave in to his demands. Let me out of here!!! Can’t you see? I want to have fun as well. When he starts panting and all his ears and face turns red then its time he need to be in the aircon.
At the 2nd day of his stay I was actually worried I think with all the activities when I wake him up in the morning he was not lifting his head! I said oh dear! What now. ?? Actually he is deep asleep.  
In the night I set my alarm 3x to go and check on him anyway I am only 8 meters from his room. If not me then my niece Syrel. After the 3rd day he was more alert . When he hear my steps in the middle of the night  then he already stand and wait infront of his room. He knows I come and check on him.
Overall our first work with Simba I must say it was successful he has much fun with him and I think he did with us .  Aside that he is grumpy a little bit.
                                                                         Simba nd Syrel

                                                                  Simba helping me gardening
We actually have fun taking care of him. I hope he did the same with us , with all the running in the garden with   the other dogs.
Now he is coming for a playdate on Saturday ! It that great ??