Friday, August 29, 2014

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Monday, August 25, 2014

A Long Line Of Loyalty And Courage

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Snatch has been adopted

This is a follow up with my  previous blog snatching the kittens out from that lady in Pagoda.
One of them survived as mentioned and I named him Snatch and his happy day came Saturday when young Sabina read my face book page that I have cats for adoption she called me Friday and said want to visit  and see the cat. Very good enough Sabina and her family came Saturday morning very ahead of time as what she mentioned in her text.
Her mother is very concerned and I can sense that Sabina was very keen of adopting the kittens but with the support and approval of the whole family.
The mum and the grandma. I can understand Sabina is only 15 years old. She needs some guide. She mentioned they use to have a dog before they migrated to Australia

                                                               Sabina Snatch and her Mum
but then was returned to the owner as they could not bring the dog with them.
So I guide them to all the cats I have in the house for adoption. Little flashlight came and she seems like Sabina but her mum said Flashlight have funny fur.
I told her that’s what she looks like.
She is a tortoise looking cat and her strong identity is her huge big eye that’s why she named flashlight.
                                                                          Little flashlight
So I head on to the next house was other cats for adoptions are house in.
I showed Magellang and Paco they think they are already too big and her Snatch was already running to
                                    Magellang in the middle and Paco is the black and white color

Sabina and she seems she likes it. So she suggest let’s bring Snatch to the other house and let’s see how her grandma react and true enough she likes Snatch and I ask Sabina that little Snatch have a history before
I rescued him. So they have all group discussion which is pretty normal when your adoption another member that’s add on to the family. I am confident that Snatch will be going to a good home.

                                                  Family deciding - Mum , Grandma and the Aunt

So I prepared Snatch food for few days, I explain to them the feeding time and the litter I even gave them the litter box with scooper and the sand.
I make sure that Snatch settled in with her needs and the rest they can figured out later on.
My aim is just to provide them easy start.
Snatch has been dewormed and I told them she has to go back next week for his 1st vaccine.
                                                                 For Snatch to take home
So seems all are going in the right directions everybody head on to the car to escort them out with Snatch I am praying that Snatch will be happy to the new place and new parents and that Sabina and family look after him and gave him love that he deserves.
Sabina is Happy to take home Snatch
Finally Snatch is going home with them
That late night Sabina texted me saying that that her grandma found Snatch so playful and adorable.
They make him a new bed to sleep in but seem the little boy prepared the space under the big bed.
A well cat always curious of their new environment and exploring places around with his new home is pretty normal. I am happy that he found a new home and I hope it will be a success.
To Sabina and family thanks for giving new home for Snatch.

I hope he makes you happy and surely he will be happy to his new home.  

Monday, August 18, 2014

Kittens use for begging money from Tourist

Two weeks ago before I take off to Saigon for my short break , I have rescued 2 little kitties from
Wat Unalom .PPAWS have posted in their face book about the horrible scene and horrific act of this lady who use small kittens to beg money from the tourist . I know it sounds terrible but it is the reality in the country like Cambodia that animals are not protected by law.
This is how they look like with this lady . Both 4 photos are PPAWS photos 

Its very horrific situation and I hope one day the government of Cambodia will do something about the welfare of the animals in their country.
Of course with the situation of many poor people in Cambodia that life is harsh enough for those people who can’t eat 3x a day and no home no clean water and could not send their kids to school.
It’s understood that human first before animals.
I still remember when I met one expats in Phnom penh and he was asking me what I am doing and I told him I ran  in-house a boarding home for pets  in Cambodia mostly for expats  and in my extra time I help  and offer my free time to help animal welfare in Cambodia.
He nodded and said, I’m sorry but I have kids we teach them not to hurt animals but I would rather donate some money to the most needy institution which is the children s welfare that is my priority.
I said to him of course! We have different choices I also do both I help human children so does animals as well. We respect each other choices.
When I was reading  the update of PPAWS face book I came across  the photos of these cats.
Many members in the group exchanging comments, but I can’t bear in my soul that I don’t do anything in my own way how to help those kittens. I decided the next day to  take a trip in the town and I am so determine to help those kittens.
I arrived there in the Unalum pagoda (temple) at 11: am the lady is snoozing. I guess she needed her much needed beauty sleep. I went inside the pagoda and I went to the wrong gate, I ask someone knows and they pointed me to the other gate. I told David bring your tuktuk outside so it’s easy for us to run with the cats.
I realized I don’t have any sharp object to cut the plastic string. So I walk few meters away to buy a scissor from the nearby shop. I choose the big one so it’s easy to use and it’s faster.
I then walk back to the gate and slide slowly to the side of the lady where the kittens are hanging with string they both asleep. I manage to snatch the 2 kitties and run fast to my tuktuk. I wanted to snatch them all but the rest is very close to her body and even to her arms.
I cannot take chances and risk my safety.
The people around her, the soda seller and the tuktuk and motto drivers give me a big sign.
Madam run now bring the cats with you!!!!!! All of them are waiving their hands get out there now!!!
The reasons for this, the lady have a reputation to be being rude and loud. Of course I don’t want to be in that situation you will never what’s going too happened next.
I sat down with the little weak kitties next to me... and you know the 2 kitties actually so happy and those even in their own way saying thank you!!! Thank you for saving us there!

                                                     These when they are in the tuktuk with me

                                                   after string has been cuf off from their neck
They fur in my jeans and even laying down next to me.
I then start cutting off the plastic string from their body.
I can’t control my tears to look at them.
This is not the way how the animals to be treated!
We many cats of our own  most of them are rescued. We have rules in our house. That our animal has to eat first. They should not be hungry!!!
I brought the kitties home let them run around in our cat house.
I did not bath them right away as the other one is having a flu or cold she sneeze with the flu.
Very sad! They eat very little at the very beginning.
After 3 days in Saigon my niece texted me that the other one did not survived she is too weak to have her fight with. They are too weak to begin with. We are sad but what to do?
I still have 1 and I named him “Snatch “” he is been deworm and been check by the vet.
He is been having upset stomach and I ask the vet is he can gave him a shot to cure this.
So he did after few days he is good and here with the happy pictures of him.
Enjoying the food the comfy place !
For those of you who are interested to adopt Snatch he is just a job very playful and free happy spirit .
The person who have pure heart will never regret to adopt him.
He is now house trained and litter trained.
He talks to a lot and responded very well with humans and cats alike.

I have to e-mail the photos to PPAWS once I determined that he is more healthy and ready to go to a new home.PPAWSCambodia  then will help me find a new parent for Snatch.

For some of you who see this lady in the pagoda begging for money using these little kittens.
Please refrain giving her money. She has to learn to find ways how to find her daily bread.
Also please inform your friends and friends of visiting friends in cambodia about this lady .
I hope one day an organisation will help her find something to start a new life and not using these poor cats as her prisoner.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Furry Mum Little break in Saigon

Finally I got a chance to take a 6 days break from the daily task in my furryplace.
But as always thesame time I wake up in the morning is still the same where ever you go I think.
It was nice to get a break once in awhile and just take life easy.
Stroll the town and act like a tourist even I have been in Saigon many times.
It’s been a lot of a change I see around, the place and the coffee shop I used to hang out and the place I buy a coco juice when you need to snap out of a thirst when running around in the humid place.
The first thing I do when I get a chance to visit Saigon is to visit the Notre Dam and light the candles

The famous cathedral

For me this is like a routine whenever I got a chance to visit the cathedral.
It is a nice feeling after stepping into the church and says my little prayer. I guess I miss having that since we don’t have proper church in Phnom Penh.
Strolling around the area I manage to snap out some of these photos and it was beautiful morning walking to the post office.

around Phnom penh

Inside the post office

The post office
Running around in the city a lot of families in Vietnam keep small breed of dogs and some them are really taken care properly.
I don’t see many stray dogs in Saigon as still the dog meat consume is still very common.
But some of the families have nice dogs like this one, when they closing their shops they put this little furry on top of their shop. It really gets my attention and I quickly get my camera to have it taken.
The owner and the dog seems enjoyed the attention.

                                                                        The shop keeper dog
It’s like this neighbor of us enjoyed more attention and his name is Mr. Yip he very sturdy but very sweet dog who always greeted by regular customers that his parent have selling food and freshly squeeze fruit juice. I can tell Mr. Cip enjoyed a loving parent who looks after him and his 2 adorable companion the kitties.
Mr. Jip
Mr. Jip cat companion

Seeing of course all these furies makes me think and miss my bunch in the house.
But normally I check my house 5-6x a day just to make sure that all my furies and the furies that board with us are all good and no problem.
So far, I am enjoying my short stay in Saigon.
I’m looking forward to go home and seeing my packs getting excited what Mum brings to them of course I have to make sure I bring something when I go home.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Cutting and trimming trees with the fur

The rainy days have come in Cambodia and it’s time to trim some of the fruit trees in the ground of Myfurryplace.
As much as I like I would like to keep my environment green as possible but some of the fruits are now really long and it needs to get trimmed in order to give way to more healthy branches also to avoid the fruits if getting higher that it’s difficult to reach during picking time.
Also to give way to some of my plants that needs sun to bloom and grow.
One of these are the wood apple that branches that glides in the roof of our kitchen, and two others that’s 
                                                            wood apple tree gliding in our kitchen

hide the sunlight in our driveway especially with my growing orchids.
                                                                       my blooming orchids
Its takes load of time to propagate and get it blooms.
Jackfruit is good when they are not too high then they will bear fruits consistently.
We have to keep it trimmed.
After all of that thick leaves are gone our ground was so bright. 
It’s very different normally when you’re in the ground you feel that you’re really in the countryside. 
This is what I enjoyed with the ground of the furry place. 
If I see my trees and flowers bearing fruits I feel happy and fresh.  
                                                                           Longgan fruit

The feeling of having green and clean air around you and I supposed our furies enjoyed it.
During the process of course we need to alternate the furies for their regular business poop and pee and during this time Stella and Roosevelt has to be in action together with Anzac, Moth and Coco.


Coco, Stella , Roosie and Anzac

I think the scent of the wood apple attracts them.

Of course safety first , while Vanna is busy cutting and dropping the branches the furies has to be collected and put them inside to avoid accident , not that the branches of the cut trees  are falling in their heads . 
That’s the last things I don’t want to happen.
Vanna in action

But it seems that they are having fun seeing all these branches scattering in the floor, Even Bindi our new Aussie guest freshly from Australia just 2 weeks ago was also very keen to check what’s going on.
Bindi checking the wood

Bindi and Beebee
Happy Beebee

A little Beebee is curious, and don’t under estimate my little special guest 15-1/2 years old poodle must join.  
Fluffy is very active at his ages, new interaction and new things happening in the ground makes him waggle his tail. 
                                                                         Happy Fluffy
Always happy to new things he sees. 
I am happy that he is as well participating with all the activity in the house. 
Although I watch carefully how long he engages himself in such activities.
                                                          Fluffy and Beebee exploring together
I have to be careful that he does not overdo it. 
Fluffy is not very healthy anymore at his ages. 
But I adore his energy and spirit this boy.

                                                                    cut ends for wood fire

With all these trimmings nothing to be wasted I used the woods for cooking furry meal and the leaves I decompose for natural fertilizer.

The young fruits goes to my chickens guinea pig and rabbit 
Nothing will be wasted!