Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pet sitting in Phnom penh and the article in Cambodia daily.

Publicity is sometimes can be good but sometimes it can be not. That’s why I am being careful who ask me to come and visit my furry place and write an article. This time my husband met from Cambodia daily and he caught be right handed. Exactly he wants to come to my house during this peak season and very busy time in the house. I have been approach before with other people but I refuse.
 For the reason that I am not ready for many customers who call for our service.
Currently I am very happy with our stable and regular happy customers.
It’s more manageable and it’s easier to handle. 
My husband is always very conservative in approaching business so I listen to him carefully.
But I also think I will never be ready if I will think it this way. So I granted George Stylliss from Cambodia daily for almost 2- hours interview.
And he sums up a story in the papers right after the Khmer New Year holiday.

I was not happy and satisfied of his story but this is his opinion. I guess I wanted to have more elaboration of what house sitting work I offer in the expats community.

In my own words -

It’s integrating pets to our family and treated them like our own pets.
It’s one on one special care and one pet’s needs.
It’s more of personal pet sitting in friendly and family pets’ oriented environment
We are valued for money.  For the service and work we offer.
We have ample space for the pets . Our  villa have 6 air condition rooms
Plus 6,000 square meters green , clean and well maintained  lush garden.
Best choice for pets long staying place  from 1 month to 5 months.
Best place for transition while your waiting for you pets to be taken to you country home of next destination
or while waiting for your home accommodation to be ready in Phnom penh.
A non cage pet sitting in the city.

Few photos of our place  :

Monday, April 21, 2014

Khmer New year peak time for Pet sitting

Khmer New Year is the busy and peak time in  myfurryplace.
When most of the expats parents are going back to their own country or travelling outside the country for much needed holiday.
The house is full and it’s like 24/7 nonstop work for all of us in the house.
This is also the time that we have no staff as most of our staff is all going for their Khmer New Year holiday. We have to ensure that the house will run smoothly from cleaning and other things that need to be in place while our staffs are all in holiday.
So how does we carry our work in order and to make sure that all are working well while out staff are all in their holidays?
I do  my marketing 4 days ahead before the big holiday take off.
As I’m been living in Cambodia for nearly 12 years Ived learn that during these big holidays most of the things I buy specially the veggies , meat and fruits  the prices are going up until 40% high.
So I stock up meat and veggies for at least 2 weeks use.
Some of the veggies you can actually freeze for long time like the moringa.
The meat  surely if keeps well in the fridge.
So that time that people are all running and making their prices high.
I was calm in the house I have enough supply during the holiday.
I also make sure that we have enough stock for cat sand for the cats. So I stocked up pretty well.
That as well includes a fresh fish, dry food and including the cat sardines.
I normally prepare this 1 month ahead to stock up as many as I can so during the time that the holiday start are all the rush buying starts I already filled in my stocks.
Anything this is we make sure that we keep the house as normal as possible when it comes to cleaning.
So my niece and I normally split the work and make sure as fast and as easy as we can.
Anything we need to make sure aside from the busy time in the house.
Is to keep the furries as happy as they can, so we normally schedule activities that all of them can participate. This includes the playing time in the garden in the morning and afternoon.

Both dogs and cats when you allocate playing time with them until they worn out.

Syrel teasing the 2 Sheba , wally and Anzac

Syrel teaching them how to pick mangoes
                                                                 Bagguet tag or wat with Rossevelt
                                                    Sheba likes to play with Mr. Hippo  courtesy of Anzac Mum
                                                                       bagguet and Roseevelt
                                                                   Anzac take this coconut seriously
                                                                                   Wally dancing with Syrel
                                                                                 Just playing having fun

Believed me surely all are asleep during night time. Then we have out time for our self and thats the time we also have time to face book and all of that fun activities.Updating my the pet parents about their well being of their pets that includes loading up photos of the pets to facebook.
So it’s really a matter of organizing. Keep the pets happy so our life is more happy and easy.
Believed me guys house sitting pets can be stressful and tiring but only when you don’t know how you allocate your time and make your life easy.
The reward of all of that are happy pets staying with us and happy parents when they see their pets happy with us. it’s just simple work  actually if you know how to manage your time.

                                                                       Happy customers faces

Pet sitting can be very fun during the busy peak days.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Moringa for my furries

Keeping my furries healthy is to find the best diet.
When one of the guest Anzac came to our house and her mum said Anzac loves moringa.
Knowing that moringa is packed of nutrients. I did try to my furries and so far they love it.
I include these veggies to their daily diet.
As I cant go to the market everyday , so buy in big fresh quantity and I freeze in the plastic bags . Every time  cooked  I unfreeze and its like crips and fresh.

moringa going to my fridge
moringa plant

One of my friends from manila actually told me you can buy now in powder. She said it’s her staple food for her furries. I did try my research before of course trying to feed them and what I found.
Read through please.

Moringa in Cambodia has not  been explored. So far they only eat the veggies for soup unlike us from the Philippines we do a lot of process out of these veggies, from crackers to capsules and others.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Anngun Kitties are all grown up

Anggun Kitties are now exploring each corner of our house.
Our houses are more alive having them around.
With kitties it’s very difficult not to be attached with them  they are buddle of joy.
Each of them has different characters and both are all very sweet.
I actually named them all, the black and white is Paco, the grey one is Laila and the white and grey is Magelang.

Laila is the sweetest among all she normally climb and sleeps in my back during bed time and then rest will follow and joined her.
Both of them are all ready for adoption in one month more.
It’s sad to let them go but I can’t keep them all.
To my Phnom Penh friends all cats and FREE for good home.

After all kittens are gone Anggun will go for spaying.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

One man's trash is another man's treasure.

My furries consumed loads of sardines’ everyday and the tin goes for recycling.
End of the week I normally sorted out all the tin cans from sardines to soda and those tetra packs from milk and juices.

Cambodia as a country have no companies that do recycling yet except from  the carton boxes that they start the first step to process but the final finishing is going to the next door country Vietnam.
But tins and sort of sardines and sodas are the famous one where the garbage collector are collecting and goes to recycling that again they will cross to the boarder of Vietnam to finally process.
Those Tetra packs and bottles they haven’t found any used yet. Except from a small handicrafts that they them for purses and other staff. I really wish that the government will put enough efforts to encourage company to have recycling business in company for those.
In other countries nothing to be thrown away. Anything than can be recycled can be done!
But not in Cambodia yet.
I always think that there’s always money in garbage. As what we all says “”One man's trash is another man's treasure.
In my house anything that I can recycle I do make use of all of them.
Recently I got an idea that these can tins from cat sardine I can actually make a nice flowers pots ornaments that added beauty to my garden.

                                                         My furries only like this Me-O

After I throw things in the garbage I always trained myself and my team in the house that before you throw things in the bin always clean and rinse the tins and bottle plus tetra packs first before disposing . 
In that the tins always stay clean and to refrain attracting bugs and ants and to keep our area clean.
The rest  of the tins I sell them and keep those in our tins can piggy bank.
Can make use for Xmas  expenses !
Oh ! I hope someone from Me-O stumbled into my blog and at least give my furries some freebies.
Ahhhhhhh  ...Just  wishful thinking ! Lol!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The furries and the Tuktuk

Normally when the tuktuk driver is coming I always ask him to wait for me outside.
I only allowed him to go inside when I brought many things from supermarket or something that need to carry heavy.
But we always make sure that all the furries are all inside the house and no one is outside to avoid the accident. But yesterday I ask David my tuktuk guy to come inside and if he want to pick some mango for his wife. While he is waiting for me as I need to go out again to nearby store to buy brown rice.
While he is busy picking mangoes I ask the girls bring out the furries so they can do their business.
But instead the furries are so busy checking the park tuktuk in the ground.

When its time to go they are all in the tuktuk  Sheba, Wally and Anzac think that they are going out with me outside.
They are just having fun !
 Syrel  pulling Anzac

So I decided I ride to the tuktuk until we reach to the gate and we have to force them to get out.
Just having fun with the fur.
I told them they can ride with me until the gate.
The girls including David have hard time bringing both three of them out of the tuktuk and the worse one who refuses to get out of the tuktuk is Sheba.
Sheba just taking her time undecided not to get out of the tuktuk.
Finally I told her Sheba I will be back only 15 minutes I go just to the nearby store and get some brown rice.
Most of the fur actually love tuktuk ride. 
You know my niece said they waited for me in the gate for few minutes and refuse to go inside.

 Babies waiting  for me to comeback from the store.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Furr play date and fruit picking activity

I’m been always planning to have a play date for my fur and my other guest fur and eventually it did happened last Saturday. With that I make sure that only not our pets are having fun, but as well as we fur parents are having great time.
So I said let’s do fruit picking while our furriers are bonding.
                                                               Baguette Mum Sabrina
Kathryn and Prem

our bounty harvest

After our picking and playing

Well actually the bonding was a little bit short the furr have been tailing us while were picking mangoes and maprang.
                                                     each of them busy picking maprang

A native fruit in Cambodia who both has sweet and sour taste.
Baguette as always knows the furry place by heart. He will roam around the place so free like it was his second home. 
Baguette and Carmen
Carmen and Maxwell plus Jova Mae and Maria seems having fun.

Well I think it is. Baguette is one of our frequent regulars in the house.
We keep his own food and water bowl and even his own teddy bear to play. 
He is so comfy with all of us including our dog furry.
Except that he chases our cats.
This I can’t help Baguette he must have something with the cats when he is growing up.
So I keep him away with our cats when they are roaming around in our premises.
Play date in the house includes feeding the rabbit, guinea pigs and the chickens.
Both Kathryn and Prem always brought the chickens some goodies for treats.

                                                                         Feeding  Les the rabbit
                        Its really fun to feed the pets they feel special specially with all the yummy treats
 I think the reason why our chicken laid more eggs.
While Sabrina Baguette Mum will not show up empty handed.
She brought me nice special tea from Myanmar. What a good customers eh!
During our play date I also prepared something to munch so this is what I came up and my niece Syrel and her friends help her prepared a tasty smoothies! 
                                                      Our yummy snacks- all cambodian sweets
                                                     Were just chillin ! its saturday after all

What else you can ask for a fur play date?
Both fur and parents have fun and both of them leave  the house happy face with all the fruits we shared to harvest.

                                                             Bye maxwell ! see you again boy !
My idea is, its best that the activity is best shared and enjoyed by both parents and their pets.
Is there any other pet parent would like to join to our next play date???
I am arranging this activity again in next few weeks and reservation of course is needed as space are limited.
E-mail me at or mobile 012243500 
We donot ask for playdate fee but ofcourse any donations will be appreciated.
Your donations will go for the good cause for food of the furries and the Animal Shelter we volunteer for help. Or any form of treats are all welcome ! veggies fruits something for the rabbit , chickens or guinea pigs are all most welcome! See you soon !