Thursday, April 10, 2014

Moringa for my furries

Keeping my furries healthy is to find the best diet.
When one of the guest Anzac came to our house and her mum said Anzac loves moringa.
Knowing that moringa is packed of nutrients. I did try to my furries and so far they love it.
I include these veggies to their daily diet.
As I cant go to the market everyday , so buy in big fresh quantity and I freeze in the plastic bags . Every time  cooked  I unfreeze and its like crips and fresh.

moringa going to my fridge
moringa plant

One of my friends from manila actually told me you can buy now in powder. She said it’s her staple food for her furries. I did try my research before of course trying to feed them and what I found.
Read through please.

Moringa in Cambodia has not  been explored. So far they only eat the veggies for soup unlike us from the Philippines we do a lot of process out of these veggies, from crackers to capsules and others.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Anngun Kitties are all grown up

Anggun Kitties are now exploring each corner of our house.
Our houses are more alive having them around.
With kitties it’s very difficult not to be attached with them  they are buddle of joy.
Each of them has different characters and both are all very sweet.
I actually named them all, the black and white is Paco, the grey one is Laila and the white and grey is Magelang.

Laila is the sweetest among all she normally climb and sleeps in my back during bed time and then rest will follow and joined her.
Both of them are all ready for adoption in one month more.
It’s sad to let them go but I can’t keep them all.
To my Phnom Penh friends all cats and FREE for good home.

After all kittens are gone Anggun will go for spaying.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

One man's trash is another man's treasure.

My furries consumed loads of sardines’ everyday and the tin goes for recycling.
End of the week I normally sorted out all the tin cans from sardines to soda and those tetra packs from milk and juices.

Cambodia as a country have no companies that do recycling yet except from  the carton boxes that they start the first step to process but the final finishing is going to the next door country Vietnam.
But tins and sort of sardines and sodas are the famous one where the garbage collector are collecting and goes to recycling that again they will cross to the boarder of Vietnam to finally process.
Those Tetra packs and bottles they haven’t found any used yet. Except from a small handicrafts that they them for purses and other staff. I really wish that the government will put enough efforts to encourage company to have recycling business in company for those.
In other countries nothing to be thrown away. Anything than can be recycled can be done!
But not in Cambodia yet.
I always think that there’s always money in garbage. As what we all says “”One man's trash is another man's treasure.
In my house anything that I can recycle I do make use of all of them.
Recently I got an idea that these can tins from cat sardine I can actually make a nice flowers pots ornaments that added beauty to my garden.

                                                         My furries only like this Me-O

After I throw things in the garbage I always trained myself and my team in the house that before you throw things in the bin always clean and rinse the tins and bottle plus tetra packs first before disposing . 
In that the tins always stay clean and to refrain attracting bugs and ants and to keep our area clean.
The rest  of the tins I sell them and keep those in our tins can piggy bank.
Can make use for Xmas  expenses !
Oh ! I hope someone from Me-O stumbled into my blog and at least give my furries some freebies.
Ahhhhhhh  ...Just  wishful thinking ! Lol!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The furries and the Tuktuk

Normally when the tuktuk driver is coming I always ask him to wait for me outside.
I only allowed him to go inside when I brought many things from supermarket or something that need to carry heavy.
But we always make sure that all the furries are all inside the house and no one is outside to avoid the accident. But yesterday I ask David my tuktuk guy to come inside and if he want to pick some mango for his wife. While he is waiting for me as I need to go out again to nearby store to buy brown rice.
While he is busy picking mangoes I ask the girls bring out the furries so they can do their business.
But instead the furries are so busy checking the park tuktuk in the ground.

When its time to go they are all in the tuktuk  Sheba, Wally and Anzac think that they are going out with me outside.
They are just having fun !
 Syrel  pulling Anzac

So I decided I ride to the tuktuk until we reach to the gate and we have to force them to get out.
Just having fun with the fur.
I told them they can ride with me until the gate.
The girls including David have hard time bringing both three of them out of the tuktuk and the worse one who refuses to get out of the tuktuk is Sheba.
Sheba just taking her time undecided not to get out of the tuktuk.
Finally I told her Sheba I will be back only 15 minutes I go just to the nearby store and get some brown rice.
Most of the fur actually love tuktuk ride. 
You know my niece said they waited for me in the gate for few minutes and refuse to go inside.

 Babies waiting  for me to comeback from the store.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Furr play date and fruit picking activity

I’m been always planning to have a play date for my fur and my other guest fur and eventually it did happened last Saturday. With that I make sure that only not our pets are having fun, but as well as we fur parents are having great time.
So I said let’s do fruit picking while our furriers are bonding.
                                                               Baguette Mum Sabrina
Kathryn and Prem

our bounty harvest

After our picking and playing

Well actually the bonding was a little bit short the furr have been tailing us while were picking mangoes and maprang.
                                                     each of them busy picking maprang

A native fruit in Cambodia who both has sweet and sour taste.
Baguette as always knows the furry place by heart. He will roam around the place so free like it was his second home. 
Baguette and Carmen
Carmen and Maxwell plus Jova Mae and Maria seems having fun.

Well I think it is. Baguette is one of our frequent regulars in the house.
We keep his own food and water bowl and even his own teddy bear to play. 
He is so comfy with all of us including our dog furry.
Except that he chases our cats.
This I can’t help Baguette he must have something with the cats when he is growing up.
So I keep him away with our cats when they are roaming around in our premises.
Play date in the house includes feeding the rabbit, guinea pigs and the chickens.
Both Kathryn and Prem always brought the chickens some goodies for treats.

                                                                         Feeding  Les the rabbit
                        Its really fun to feed the pets they feel special specially with all the yummy treats
 I think the reason why our chicken laid more eggs.
While Sabrina Baguette Mum will not show up empty handed.
She brought me nice special tea from Myanmar. What a good customers eh!
During our play date I also prepared something to munch so this is what I came up and my niece Syrel and her friends help her prepared a tasty smoothies! 
                                                      Our yummy snacks- all cambodian sweets
                                                     Were just chillin ! its saturday after all

What else you can ask for a fur play date?
Both fur and parents have fun and both of them leave  the house happy face with all the fruits we shared to harvest.

                                                             Bye maxwell ! see you again boy !
My idea is, its best that the activity is best shared and enjoyed by both parents and their pets.
Is there any other pet parent would like to join to our next play date???
I am arranging this activity again in next few weeks and reservation of course is needed as space are limited.
E-mail me at or mobile 012243500 
We donot ask for playdate fee but ofcourse any donations will be appreciated.
Your donations will go for the good cause for food of the furries and the Animal Shelter we volunteer for help. Or any form of treats are all welcome ! veggies fruits something for the rabbit , chickens or guinea pigs are all most welcome! See you soon !

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Vegans dogs

Have you heard of vegan dog?
Well few days ago I have 2 guests a mini pinscher and a mini Pug who are vegan. 

Yes you read that right!
Vegan purr. Both their humans’ parents as well are vegans. In nature dog we know are carnivore but actually we can trained them to be vegan, and I really like the idea. Both furs are very healthy!
So what the human vegans eat is like same as what the 2 furriers ate.

Their diet consist of - 
Soya milk
Coco milk

They don’t feed them apple, grapes. Tomatoes, flowers and banana they said they are bad for dogs.
Grapes I am 100% sure no grapes for dogs! As well as mushroom plus chocolate. 
They are really toxic for dogs.
Actually after I prepared their food, its looks so yummy and believed me the dogs eats like it was a bowl of meat as well. As you can see with Maxwell and Carmen  the way they eat.
Also they are very bouncy dogs, Both Maxwell and Carmen is energetic. Like to run like to play.

                                                                   just exploring together

                                                  Syrel having fun taking pictures with Carmen
Even our housekeeper Sina and Vanna love them specially Carmen
Syrel and Maxwell just goofing around

They are very sweet furr.... We really have fun with them. all very sweet fur.
Actually were not actually allowed to bring down Carmen in the ground , but when Maxwell is going for a walk in the ground , our housekeeper said Carmen cried . I feel so Pity so I carry her with me. 
So she can see Maxwell walking. That's how our girls in the house. 
Were very blessed that I have a team in the house who loves and adore animals the way we do.
Its very seldom to find these kind of staff. They are my gems.
We will always welcome them in myfurryplace the next time they visit.
How about you do your dogs turns vegan once in awhile?
I would actually turn my babies into vegan if you ask me. I think would be a good diet for them.
But I would also let them try eating meat once in a while.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Animal health hardware

Compelling technology seen widely, even in the field of agriculture and livestock
There is evidence of the technology evolution evident in all areas of life and commerce, and agriculture is no different. Science and electronic developments have made conventional industries such as farming and raising livestock find a more exact science that is less focused on physical labor and early mornings, and more based on the underlying science and engineering involved in successful farms and herds.

Many contemporary businesses find that aspects of their work that were previously left up to chance or at the mercy of Mother Nature, are now becoming more predictable with the augmentation of electronics and technology in the mix. For instance, animal health hardware now allows farmers to assist and facilitate the birthing of cattle which can make a difference in the predictability of the new arrivals, and allows some farmers to know what they will have to offer their potential clients long before the cow gives birth to her babies.

While many may still think of laptop computers and music devices when they think about technology, some may think in terms of more pragmatic applications. The potential for those in agricultural fields and industry are quite astounding, and can make it far easier for those who have relied on the weather and nature up until now.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Visiting vegetarians

Last week we have  Kathryn and Prem who actually vegetarians but would like to try eating eggs but only when the egg are being raised in much better environment and much better care and conditions.
Photos of my chicken house .
I make sure that its always clean and well ventilated and green for the chicken.
I plant sort of greens to make it fresh and cooler for animals , Like banana , bamboo , fruits and even flowers.
                                                                                chicken house
                                                       inside the house ( its cleaned everyday )

I have read Kathryn’s ads through the Phnom Penh buy and sale face book and I responded her same day when she posted her ads. 
My intention is not the money but to have someone like her who appreciate animals in their much better care conditions.
I am so happy that she responded my e-mail and she would like to come and visit myfurryplace.
She is the very first visitors I have who brought so much treats for my chickens.
These she brought together with Prem ,  cube cut apples , steamed pumpkins , some cracker , cut cucumbers and some bread .I can tell they both made such efforts to prepared the treats they brought.
I am very pleased. Both our chickens and rabbits love what they brought.
In return of the efforts they did I gave them 15 eggs to try on.  They are very pleased!
                                                our chicken eggs they are small but they are tasty.
I am so very happy that there are some people like them who appreciate what I do for animals (our chickens) I always believed that when you’re good to animals you’re always rewarded at the end.
My husband always said ! one day with all kindness he does he will go to heaven with the dogs and cats. 
My chickens give us loads of eggs in return with the love and care we shared with them.

How I wish some people out there would think and tried to look after the animals’ welfare! Not just cramped up their chickens in the poultry to have more chickens.
The reason why Iv ed done raising our chicken and have their eggs. Because I have seen one poultry in the country here in Phnom penh that they never clean their chicken common areas the chicken drops / peces are until my knees and they are totally cramped up in the cage that they could barely move.
In my opinion this is really not good for animals. I did like what I see.