Sunday, April 3, 2011

My furry's castration

Planning with my furr’y babies is a must ! I have bunch of them and I don’t need to have more. Sorry babies but Mama and Papa cant afford to have more. Some of them has been castrated to avoid more babies in the house. Recently , by black boys has been castrated and its very normal of course that they got upset when they feel that something is missing on them specially their manhood. Earl take it as easy as he can , while Arthus was very unhappy about it. Earl manage to recover as fast as he can ,
but Arthus
Arthus sad face !
was still not well from it , that means more hiding under the bed. I have called out the vet to check and make sure that my boys are all ok and that the reaction or Arthus is normal or maybe something is not correct. Just a precaution what Ived learned from  or something wrong I have to act as quickly as I can , I cant count many days without doing something.
My vet have assured me that this is all normal and if after 2 days Arthus is still the same then I have to bring him there.
Jynxs is our Siamese male fur , he is feisty but sweet !
He is the type of fur that Siamese character is all about.
I wanted to gave him a nice home , even this means that I have to gave him up for adoption. Recently , I have posted an ads to the vet and many of them have called and interested ! I have to screen the future parents for him. This lady from New Zealand was one of them she came to the house and see jynxs she told me that since she is 9 years old she already had a cat , that was a relief. I can feel that our boy will go to a nice home.
I get him castrated to make sure he stop his habit of flushing when ever he likes.
He manage to recover rather well and quickly from the castration its been 2 weeks now and he is again back to playing.
I'm very happy about his progress and very soon the new parent will come and fetch him to take him to Batambang in the province. I really hope and pray that he gets a good home. Parent who only get attention as he is and not other furry’s around him.
He is really a beautiful cat ! We will surely missed him !!