Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Furr, the pagoda and the Monk!

Since we move to the new place with ample of space for our furr to run around.  We never walk them anymore regularly like what they get used to.
Its too much activities for them just to go back and fort for this huge space.
But every Sunday this is the time we have to walk them and the 8 fur’s knows and remember this routine. Before 8 am they know that it’s a walking time everybody got cranky!
We must go we must go now mum!!! Pls get ready the leash and we all go now as in NOW!!!!
But before we start to walk we Must prepare our gear , the leash , the water the bowl , the stick to depend for the stray dogs , and of course the camera.
Plus the most important is the Tub must be filled in with cold water first , as the babies normally so in need to cool down in cold water after this long walk. 
Today we have a friend Perla who sleep overnight with us for a weekend so surely she tag along and haul the furr in her hand. She also gets so excited with all the walking and strolling in the country.

It’s all very fresh we also had a chance to meet new friends. Chat and smile all very nice!
This country side is all new to us and to the babies and beautiful Pagoda we pass by.
It’s all interesting to all of especially with the bunch!!
Walking with the fur are always fun and healthy !!!

Happy sunday everyone !!!!