Thursday, July 12, 2012

Walking with furry's at the country side of Cambodia

It’s been one week that we moved to our new furry place and we are exploring the neighborhood.
Were out for a stroll walk last Sunday morning and all the fury’s are all excited to check out the new walking path.

They are all amaze were passing with the green scenery and the houses are all looking very nice country style we all love it ! Cows are under people’s houses. All new to the eyes of my fur.We can’t help it and stop to take some photos in front of these houses.

Few more blocks and we discover this beautiful pagoda again we need to stop to pose for a photos.All are new to us especially for the fury’s we have never walked before were all the whole village has to go out and look for our walking fur’s even have to call the entire family in the house just to take a glance of our fury’s.
This sound funny but of course with all 7 furs walking in the street different looking from the normal daily dogs they see in the area.

We have a nice and curious walk and even manage to get a fresh and clean boonies for all of them .The next morning we have cooked the bones and all of them eat it must taste good it seems a big hit to all of them.
All the fur are exhausted and needs impromptu dip in the bucket.
But all in all it was a nice  beautiful sunday stroll.