Friday, August 3, 2012

My Guinea Pig and Bouncy Rabbit

Guinea Pigs and rabbits are delights of my furr, and the whole family is getting big but I love them all.
My hubs think that I keep so many of them but I said they are part of my furry I want to keep them all.
He suggests that I should find home for couple of them. This breaks my heart of course.We have no children so all my fur are all my babies and yes, I should admit I treat them all like my children. Guineas and rabbits actually are very easy to maintain especially in this country that veggies are so affordable and always available cheaply from the market. Now days we are growing veggies from our garden and all this helps.
My guineas diet contains of only healthy meal, I feed all fresh orange, cucumber, carrots lettuce salad , spinach even mixed nuts plus a young baby corn but the most regular favorite are the FRESH grass that we trimmed from our lush garden.

Breeding guineas are fun and meaningful at least to me! And every time they have new cubs it makes me so happy.
Guineas are very sweet and calm pets, very affectionate in nature. Parents who look for pets for their children would think guinea pigs or hamster, but I find guineas more playful and affectionate.
They are easy to take care and low maintenance if you only have a pair or even just one.For my friends in Phnom penh who would be interested to adopt a guinea for their children‘s pets companion.
I have posted herewith some of their lovely photos couple of them are pregnant so if you really want a young one they can book  so I can allocate the babies for them. My guineas will go to a good home for as little as 6 dollar for one.
I can assured them my babies are healthy clean and calm in comparison to the  pets shops in the streets that selling them.
 E-mail me at or text or call me at 012243500

Another delight in our furry place is our two couple rabbits Les and Lac it’s been nearly 1 year but I wonder until today they never gave me grand children hmmm I wonder??

But they both male and female a friend of mine once said maybe they are only busy running around in the garden and they have no time to mate. I said maybe but I am still hopeful that one day they will make me a proud grand mama.

How about you ? do you have pets that you treat them like your babies ?