Thursday, August 9, 2012

Splashing and grooming

Maintaining the furr is like almost the same as caring for a human baby.
What are the things to be prepared when they go for splashing ?
- Shampoo
- Clip cutter
- cotton buds
- Betadine
- scissor
- towels
- blankets for them to roll over after they get towel and dry
and the most important one is the spray for the ticks , flea ,bugs and mosquitoes.

non other than my best friend frontline flea treatment  
I normally get this supply from my local vet or if he runs out of stock I order from bangkok via my CARE .
They need proper care; grooming, nail cutting, ear cleaning and furr grooming that include selecting delicate shampoo for their fur! 
Our fur shower regularly and 2 of my 9 fur have sensitive furr /skin this required a bit pricy shampoo and the rest of the furr use all same products.
For all of these I have normally ordered the shampoo from Bangkok Thailand.
My kind supplier and her name is CARE yeah no joke her name is CARE. Lol !
I’m been getting my supplies from this young lady and so far she is great supplier to my needs for the furr.
I’m very lucky that I have two nieces that lives with me who is dedicated to the most delicate care for my babies both my two niece are such a huge help that contribute to the proper caring of my furr.
This is how my niece Lizel would normally bath the furr.
Yes ! it is a hard work to keep all the furr clean fresh and safe from bugs and ticks.
It is very important that you have trusted FLEA spray treatment.

Now my furr smell super fresh and they all feel good.