Sunday, August 5, 2012

Walk in the Lotus pond with the Furr

Cambodia is so famous and abundantly rich with beautiful Lotus in white and pink color.

Cambodians normally used the flowers for different types of pagoda offerings as well as traditional occasions.
Some are use as a nice accent to mostly for the touristic hotels around the country.
They are normally exotics reach in beauty very light but really pretty to look at it and country like Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam as well is Laos are so rich with these or even in Bali In Indonesia. They are beautiful!
Its been few days that I change my exercise walking path searching where I can find a place where we can walk our furr without too much disturbance and not much distress for us especially for them.
Cambodia both in the city of Phnom penh and the country side are full of stray dogs and they normally vicious and nasty, Not that I don’t like them but I need to protect my babies to get nasty bitten.
Nothing serious but just a precaution as most of these dogs from the country side are not vaccinated  for life.
So this is very dangerous of my furr. Precautions are always first priority when we walk them outside.No kidding but it’s like going to the battled field when we walk our furr to the open country side street. Ha ha!  Lol !A little bit like this scenario !
Yes! I am not exaggerating here! We walk arm with sticks just to scare them a little bit. Not hitting them, that never happened so far, I don’t like to hit animals in general but dogs in the country normally scared with the sticks.

I normally check our pathways were to go and this beautiful Lotus Pond we manage to discover I was so happy it is always a pleasant walk in the area and only little stress when we go to the busy street.
A stress but as well a funny walk , some of the owners of the dogs  will lift up their own dogs and even to  open the gate so they see us passing , I feel like my furr are  movie stars are passing hahaha lol !

We also encounter very nasty dogs that really run to us and would attacked us if we only gave them a chance , but not at all with all my supervision walking all my Furr I put super extra  care when we walk.

We also educate them that we are only passing to their area and we don’t do any harm to their dogs.I normally tell my niece and my staff .pls when we pass to the house always wear friendly smile and always greet them “Soksabai “means hello and this magic word goes so far and awarded us with friendly respond. Amazing!! Cambodia people are very pleasant and very friendly!! This is one keep us stay longer in this country. People are nice and very pleasant. You smile and they smiled back to you.
A great reward every day.
Our furr are really not so use to very warm temperature outside, they are spoiled brat furr that sleep in the air-condition room. A little hot weather all their tongue is out so we are equipped with cold water with ice when we do this walk. 

Sometimes when we pass to place was there’s reasonable clean water we let them soak a bit and these ponds were super helpful! The people in the country side will use these for the shower, washing clothes etc.. It looks like soo dirty in the picture , but really its not. They are only muddy looking but surely they are safe to bath for my furr.

The children are all so fascinating with the furr sharing bath in their pond. We pass in this area were a family have 7 small kids and rather a tilt house. Its too depressing to see , so we unload some of our little goodies and hand it over to them. My niece and I have talked about next visit and we pass by to them and gave them some clothes and maybe toys and some candies or biscuits or pack of noodles. We ask them were is their mother they said in the farm picking water spinach to sell in the market and their father is gone fishing .
Gizmos were so happy to have the quick dip in this cold pond water. It was indeed a great help.Until our babies arrive in the gate of our villa and so looking forward to wash in a clean water.
All exhausted and surely they will look forward again with their long walk the next sunday. We really have a great walk exploring the new place for us. We love and enjoyed it so does our furr.
I hope you have a nice bonding with all your fur like us where ever parts of the world are you from.